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We offer high-quality roof washing solutions for long-lasting results.

Although the roof is one of the most vital components of any building, many people don’t know how to properly maintain it. This is a key reason why our team at Queen City SoftWash offers expert roof washing services for people throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina area. If you can’t recall the last time that you had your roof professionally cleaned, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Roof Washing in Charlotte, North Carolina

Whether you have a shingle roof or a flat commercial roof, keeping it clean can have a variety of benefits. First, our roof washing services can remove potentially harmful contaminants and debris that can weaken your roofing materials over time. For instance, there are certain types of algae that can eat away at shingles, which can force people to replace their roofs sooner than expected. Secondly, roof washing can boost your property’s curb appeal by removing unsightly stains. Third, our roof washing technicians will be able to get a close look at your roof and alert you to any possible problems with it before they have a chance to worsen.

If you decide to reach out to us for roof washing services, you can have peace of mind knowing that all our employees are thoroughly trained in soft washing methods. We only use soft washing techniques for roof washing projects because these solutions are eco-friendly, gentle, and safe to use on virtually all exterior surfaces. Our team will take care to clean every area of your roof, leaving it fully sanitized and more resistant to future contaminant buildup.

To learn more about our cleaning services or schedule a roof washing appointment, please give us a call today.