Pool Deck Cleaning, Charlotte, NC

If your pool deck has seen better days, let our team clean it to restore its beauty.

A pool has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment, relaxation, exercise, and property value. Even when you’re not in the water, you can enjoy lounging on your pool deck. Because your pool deck is exposed to the elements and your pool’s water as it splashes over the sides, it can become fairly dirty over time. Contaminants like mold, mildew, and algae may even accumulate on its surface, which causes a number of problems. To resolve them, turn to our team at Queen City SoftWash for pool deck cleaning.

Pool Deck Cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina

Organic growth like mold and algae on your pool deck are unsightly, to be sure, but that isn’t the only reason to make pool deck cleaning a priority. Contaminants can also make the surface slippery, which is highly dangerous considering it’s right next to the pool. If anyone were to slip and fall, they could injure themselves from the impact or fall into the pool, so it’s extremely important to minimize the risk of accidents as much as possible. In addition, contaminants on your pool deck can also damage the materials it is constructed from, leading to expensive repairs. Our pool deck cleaning services will prevent these issues.

We offer soft washing, a gentle cleaning method that uses biodegradable cleaning solutions to target organic growth. It does not require high pressure, making it ideal for delicate surfaces. However, if your pool deck is made of concrete or another hard, durable material and the buildup is extremely stubborn, we can also provide pressure washing to remove deeply embedded dirt and grime.

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