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We offer three concrete cleaning techniques for optimal results.

Concrete is one of those building materials that tend to get put into place and then forgotten about for long periods of time, largely because of its reputation for durability and longevity.

Concrete Cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina

However, as low-maintenance as concrete is, it still requires occasional care and upkeep to keep it looking good and prevent excessive wear and tear. If you’re in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and are looking for someone to handle your concrete cleaning projects, our team at Queen City SoftWash is ready to step up to the plate.

We are proud to offer our customers several different concrete cleaning techniques, which helps us ensure that we get your concrete as clean as possible. The first method we offer is pressure washing. This widely recognized method uses a high-force spray of water to loosen and wash away dirt and grime and is most effective on hard surfaces like concrete. We also offer power washing, which takes pressure washing a step further through the use of heated water. The final option we can use is soft washing, which derives its power from detergents rather than force. Soft washing’s special chemical blend can easily tackle organic stains from contaminants like mold, algae, mildew, and bacteria, as well as plenty of other grime.

When you contact us to schedule a concrete cleaning service, our team will carefully assess the area you need us to clean so that we can choose the best method that will produce the results you’re looking for. Our ultimate goal is to help you maintain a clean and safe property, and we’ll work hard to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations. We’re always happy to answer your questions and explain why we chose a particular concrete cleaning method. We want you to be confident in our services and trust us to handle cleaning not just the concrete but the entire exterior of your home or business.

Contact us today to speak with someone about scheduling a concrete cleaning service at your Charlotte home or business!